Is It Legal To Work On A Student Visa In China?

How much can an international student earn in China?

Legally you can do work 20 hours in a week.

you may get your salary 1000-5000 rmb per month to base on work..

Is it hard to get a job in China?

No it’s fairly easy, one can get a job on China Jobs web sites but maybe not to your liking. … Get a tourist visa first and than ask employer to get you a work Visa, so you will not get in trouble with China Government. Depending on your likes, the North is very cold and much polluted.

Can I live in China if I marry?

In the same way a foreigner has no automatic right to live in China because he or she has married a Chinese. However, starting from June 1, 2010, foreigners who have Chinese spouse living in China are eligible to apply for a Family Visit Visa/Residence Permit with longer duration of stay here.

How long can foreigners stay in China?

30 days to 90 daysThe L Visa is issued to foreigners who enter China temporarily for tourism. Tourist visas are typically offered on a single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry basis with the duration of stay ranging from 30 days to 90 days.

Can you work in China after studying?

There are two ways for foreign nationals to be granted work permits in China. As long as you have a qualified Bachelor’s degree and two years overseas experience then you may qualify for a work permit. To do away with the required experience, you must have a Master’s degree or higher from a Chinese institution.

How long can I stay in China with a visa?

30 daysYes. A single entry Chinese visa is good for 90 days from the date of issue, which means, you can enter China Within 90 days; and duration of stay is 30 days, which means from the date of your entrance, you can stay in China for 30 days.

Can I work part time while studying in China?

According to Chinese government regulations, international students who are holders of study residence permits are allowed to take part-time jobs or internships outside the campus as long as they obtain approval from their academic institutions and the entry and exit administrative authorities.

Can international students work in China while studying?

Traditionally in China, international students have been unable to work during their studies, and people have been unable to get a visa to work in China without at least two years of post-study work experience overseas, making it impossible for international students to transition to a working visa at the completion of …

Can international students work in China after graduation?

Qualified international students at Chinese universities will be granted work permits and employment licenses. Qualified students at foreign universities will first be granted work permits, followed by an employment license after arriving in China and obtaining a work visa to work in China.

Can I stay in China after graduation?

Under the new regulations announced on January 6 by the Ministries of Human Resources and Social Security, Foreign Affairs, and Education, foreign graduates with a master’s degree or above from a university in China are immediately eligible to apply for work visas within one year of graduation.

Can I get a part time job in China?

CAN YOU FIND A PART TIME JOB IN CHINA? YES. There are many different jobs that foreigners can have here in China. The difference between most of them is part-time and full time.

Can I change my student visa to work visa in China?

Switching your visa from one status to another requires some battle with red tape and a few documents you must obtain. Receive a letter of invitation from the company you wish to work for. … Take the letter of invitation along with your student visa, passport, work permit or license and ID to the Public Security Bureau.

How many hours can a student work in China?

You will be allowed to work part time 20 hours a week in China during semesters and during semester breaks you can work full time.

How many international students are in China?

492,185 international studentsBy 2018, 492,185 international students from 196 countries studied in mainland China. They were enrolled in 1,004 higher education institutions. International student numbers had doubled since 2009, when 238,184 were enrolled. Back in 1978 the total was a mere 1,236.

How can I get student visa for China?

Steps in Applying for a Student Visa (X1)Look for an accredited university in China. … Secure your admission notice or letter of acceptance from the university. … Look for scholarships in China. … Secure all the documents you need. … Submit your application together with the required documents. … Wait for the results.More items…

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