Is Non Mandatory A Word?

What’s another word for discretionary income?

Disposable IncomeDisposable Income.

Discretionary income and disposable income are terms often used interchangeably, but they refer to different types of income..

Is obligatory an antonym for optional?

Optional adjective – Subject to one’s freedom of choice. Obligatory is an antonym for optional in voluntary topic.

What is the opposite of genuine?

This word is derived from the word “Genuine”, which means true and real. Disingenuous is just the opposite of genuine.

What does non-mandatory mean?

Adj. 1. nonmandatory – not required by rule or law. nonobligatory. optional – possible but not necessary; left to personal choice.

What is the opposite of mandatory?

Antonyms for mandatory free, optional, unforced, voluntary, unnecessary, nonessential, secondary, inessential.

Does mandatory mean forced?

Mandatory adjective – Forcing one’s compliance or participation by or as if by law.

What’s the opposite of discretionary?

Antonyms of DISCRETIONARY mandatory, nondiscretionary, necessary, nonvoluntary, requisite, restricted, required, indispensable, nonarbitrary, nonelective, unarbitrary, essential.

What does discretionary mean?

1 : left to individual choice or judgment : exercised at one’s own discretion discretionary powers. 2 : available for discretionary use discretionary income.

What is discretionary vs non-discretionary?

A non-discretionary investment means that the broker has to contact you and get your permission before making any trades in your account. In a discretionary account, the broker is permitted to exercise their own discretion and make purchases or sales of securities without talking to you and getting your permission.

What is another word for non-mandatory?

What is another word for nonmandatory?discretionaryelectivenon-compulsorynon-mandatoryopen to choiceat one’s callnoncompulsoryvolitionalnot requiredunforced62 more rows

Is the word non obligatory?

Not obligatory; not required; optional.

What is another word for discretionary?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for discretionary, like: optional, arbitrary, judgmental, left to discretion, discretional, changeable, personal, elective, facultative, opinion and surprise.

What is the difference between compulsory and mandatory?

Compulsory and mandatory essentially mean the same thing, as in you have no choice. But compulsory means you have to do, mandatory means it must be done.

What is another way to say mandatory?

other words for rigueur.essential.forced.imperative.indispensable.involuntary.obligatory.

What is another word for optional?

What is another word for optional?voluntarydiscretionaryvolitionalelectivediscretionalunforcednonobligatoryfacultativepermissiveuncompelled66 more rows

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