Question: Can You Reuse Bolts That Have Been Torqued?

Is it OK to reuse head bolts?

Can I reuse head bolts.

A head bolt should not be reused if the threads are galled or badly damaged.

Chasing damaged head bolt threads with a die will clean up the threads but also remove material (metal) and undermine the head bolt’s ability to torque down and hold to specs..

What happens if head bolts are not tight enough?

But even the best head gasket won’t maintain a tight seal if the head bolts have not been properly torqued. … Uneven loading created by unevenly tightened head bolts can distort the head. Over a period of time, this may cause the head to take a permanent set.

When bolts are tightened They are also stretched?

In a bolted joint, tightening the nut actually stretches the bolt a small amount, like pulling on a stiff spring. This stretching, or tension, results in an opposing clamp force that holds the two sections of the joint together. If the bolt comes loose, this clamp force weakens.

Are ARP bolts torque to yield?

Yes, ARP rod bolts can be reused. We don’t reuse the stock bolts because they are designed to stretch when torqued to yield point. The ARP stuff is hardened and does not stretch, which is why we just use normal torque ratings.

What is angle tightening of bolts?

Something to be aware of in torque and angle tightening is that you cannot change the bolt type to a bolt with a different thread pitch as it would invalidate the angle required. … This one tool eliminates the need for using an angle gauge or protractor together with the torque wrench.

What happens if you reuse stretch bolts?

However, because the tightening procedure does permanently stretch the bolt, there is some risk of breakage if the bolt is reused. And since there is no way to tell how many times a bolt has been reused, it doesn’t make any sense to reused TTY bolts – the risk far outweighs the replacement cost of used bolts.

How many times can torque to yield bolts be used?

Torque to Yield (TTY) fasteners are used in many modern engines. When torqued properly, they provide better clamping force than standard fasteners. All TTY bolts are 1-time use only. However, some rod bolts and main cap bolts can be tightened up to 3 times for assembly purposes.

How much torque is required for tightening the cylinder head?

1. Tighten each bolt to 7-9 foot pounds of torque. 2, Tighten each bolt to 12-14 foot pounds of torque.

Should you tighten the nut or the bolt?

The answer depends on your application and the condition of the materials being fastened. In many situations you can apply torque to either the nut or the bolt head. Both will result in a tight connection and neither will avoid breakage more often (that occurrence can be avoided through other means).

Is it bad to over torque head bolts?

When you overtorque above 15% of recommended which in this case would be about 95 ft/lbs you basically turn the fastener into a rubber band. Some of the fasteners will stretch and you will have uneven torque. Add heat and pressure and head gasket blows and the head can even warp.

When should I replace bolts?

If the bolt is corroded or damaged then replace it. If the bolt is a ‘torque to yield then it MUST be replaced. ”Torque to yield” are often used on car engine cylinder head bolts. If the bolt looks OK then it is usually OK to reuse it.

Are all head bolts torque to yield?

They provide more consistent clamping loads, across the entire head-to-block mating surface. When a shop manual indicates that a bolt is to be discarded and new ones used; they are almost always torque to yield bolts.

Why are ARP bolts better?

ARP’s fasteners are built to withstand serious racing and have higher tensile strengths and can survive higher stresses than most aircraft fasteners will ever see.

Can I use Grade 8 bolts for head bolts?

head bolts only should be used and with sealer on the threads….. It would work in a pinch. Grade 8 is 160,000 psi.

At what torque will a bolt break?

If you add 33% to the torque figure listed, that should tell you the torque required to snap it. For example, if it takes 75 ft/lbs to torque to 75% yield, add 33% (25 ft/lbs) to get to the 100% yield (breakage) figure.

Are ARP bolts worth it?

The precision and extra strength of ARP means the sockets fit better and the metal on the fastener won’t strip. And ARP mean your mill will live longer and have fewer problems than with stock style bolts. It’s worth it. Better, more consistent clamping on head gaskets, rod bolts, etc.

How much torque does a bolt need?

US Recommended Bolt TorqueSizeRecommended TorqueGrade 218-8 S/S1/2″37459/16″53635/8″7310413 more rows

How much does a bolt stretch when torqued?

To appropriately answer this question, it helps to first consider that only approximately 10-15% of the input torque actually stretches the bolt; the remaining 85-90% of input torque is primarily used to overcome friction between the mating threads and friction under the bolt head or nut.

Can connecting rod bolts be reused?

Like headbolts, you can reuse rod and main bolts assuming they are in good condition. Check them for excess stretching at the threads and where the head meets the bolt shank. Bolts are inexpensive, though. If you are intending on making a lot of power, consider new or upgraded bolts/studs.

What happens if you dont torque head bolts?

If the head isn’t torqued down properly, then the most likely failure is of the head gasket, which could lead to loss of compression, the mixing of oil and coolant, exhaust gases getting into the oil ways or cooling channels, erosion of the cylinder head, overheating and warping of the cylinder head.

Will anti seize cause bolts to loosen?

Using anti-seize without reducing the required torque value can strip the threads or stretch the bolt in extreme situations.

Should head bolts be oiled?

As a rule, the threads and underside of the head on most standard automotive head bolts should be lubricated with motor oil before the bolts are installed. The torque values specified by the engine manufacturer are typically based on oiled threads and fasteners – not dry fasteners.

Are Fel Pro head bolts any good?

You can expect the best from anything with the Fel-Pro name on it and this head bolt set is no exception. … I would definitely recommend them to any one else looking for excellent quality and great value in a set of head bolts.

Why do they use torque to yield bolts?

First, it overcomes friction between the threads in the block and the bolt as well as friction between the cylinder head the underside of the bolt head. Secondly, the torque stretches the fastener slightly to establish and maintain the desired clamp load on the gasket.

What grade are ARP bolts?

ARP, however, only uses the top two grades (SDF and CHQ). These grades cost twice as much, but it’s why they have a reputation for “zero defect” quality.

How do you tell if a bolt is stretched?

usually if the specs say when installing – “torque to xx ft pounds and then a 1/4 turn” thats a stretch bolt.

Can you reuse torque bolts?

Torque-to-yield (TTY) head bolts are designed to stretch when used. Once stretched, they are not as strong as before. … Because the tightening procedure permanently stretches the bolts, there is a risk of breakage if reused.