Question: How Is Rotten Spelled?

How do you spell rotten to the core?

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Thoroughly bad, as in It seems that this police unit is rotten to the core, involved in numerous extortion schemes.

The noun core here denotes the central part or heart of anything or anyone..

How do you use rotten?

Use the adjective rotten to describe something that is decaying or decayed. If you are like most people, you occasionally have to throw out rotten food — sometimes, it’s so nasty you can’t even tell what the food was in its original form! The adjective rotten also describes something that is very poor in quality.

What is another word for rotten?

WordHippoRotten Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for rotten?decomposedputridcorrupteddefileddiseasedmildewymoldyUSoffperishedrotted121 more rows

What is a rotten person?

1. The definition of rotten is someone or something extremely bad, corrupt, spoiled, unpleasant or decaying. A bad attitude is an example of something that would be described as a rotten attitude. A person who is bad at tennis is an example of someone who would be described as a rotten tennis player.

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Is Rotting a word?

noun. the process of rotting. the state of being rotten; decay; putrefaction:the rot of an old house. rotting or rotten matter: the rot and waste of a swamp.

What is the opposite of rotten?

rotten(adj) having decayed or disintegrated; usually implies foulness. “dead and rotten in his grave” Antonyms: good, fresh, sound.

What does addled mean?

: to throw into confusion : confound. intransitive verb. 1 : to become rotten : spoil. 2 : to become confused. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about addle.

What part of speech is loneliness?

lonelypart of speech:adjectiveinflections:lonelier, loneliestdefinition 1:without companionship; solitary. synonyms: alone, lone, solitary, unaccompanied similar words: isolated, reclusive, secluded5 more rows

Who sings for Evie in descendants?

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Is Rotted a verb?

This is the British English definition of rot. View American English definition of rot. View the pronunciation for rot….rot ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌present tensepresent participlerottingpast tenserottedpast participlerotted2 more rows

What are the traits of a toxic person?

8 Traits the Most Toxic People in Your Life ShareToxic people are manipulative. … They are judgmental. … They take no responsibility for their own feelings. … They don’t apologize. … They are inconsistent. … They make you prove yourself to them. … They make you defend yourself. … They are not caring, supportive, or interested in what’s important to you.Aug 29, 2016

How do you use rotten in a sentence?

He is a willing horse but he always seems to get the rotten jobs.The fish is rotten; you must not eat it.The smell of the rotten meat was enough!Police corruption is not just a few rotten apples.The fruit is starting to go rotten.Some of the wood was completely rotten. … The pear is rotten to the core.More items…•Feb 20, 2017

What does rotton mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : having rotted : putrid. 2 : morally corrupt. 3 : extremely unpleasant or inferior a rotten day a rotten job.

What part of speech is the word rotten?

adverbROTTEN (adverb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the meaning of rotten time?

a rotten time is a single instance or occasion marked by or characterized as an unpleasant experience. rotten times refers to an entire rather long period of time during which many different unpleasant experiences occur.

How does spoiled meat smell?

Though the scent of fresh ground beef is barely perceptible, rancid meat has a tangy, putrid odor. Once it goes bad, it’s no longer safe to eat. … If you don’t notice a funny scent but still see signs of spoilage in color or texture, it’s still safest to throw it away, as pathogenic bacteria cannot be smelled (6).

What’s another word for Spoiled Rotten?

What is another word for spoiled rotten?pamperedbabiedspoilt rottenobligedaccommodatedfussed overmade much ofput yourself out forlovedbenefited84 more rows

What’s the meaning of rotten to the core?

very bad or dishonestof a person. : very bad or dishonest.

How do you tell if you’re being toxic?

Do you feel:You have to constantly save this person and fix their problems.You are covering up or hiding for them.You dread seeing them.You feel drained after being with them.You get angry, sad or depressed when you are around them.They cause you to gossip or be mean.You feel you have to impress them.More items…

What do I do if I am a toxic person?

A toxic person is someone who makes others feel bad with actions or words. They bring others down more than up, and they leave people exhausted, emotionally drained, and negative. … Some people are highly toxic, leaving everyone worse off with even brief meetings. Others cause harm over a longer period of time.