Question: What Is A Word For To Rot Or Decay?

What is an example of decay?

To decay is defined as to rot, lose strength or deteriorate.

An example of decay is when old fruit begins to rot.

An example of decay is when a neighborhood starts to become crime-ridden..

What is decay in science?

to decline in excellence, prosperity, health, etc.; deteriorate. Physics. (of a radioactive nucleus) to change spontaneously into one or more different nuclei in a process in which atomic particles, as alpha particles, are emitted from the nucleus, electrons are captured or lost, or fission takes place.

What is a synonym for having a breakdown?

In this page you can discover 48 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for breakdown, like: collapse, malfunction, failure, diagnosis, smash, nervous-breakdown, division, crash, downfall, mishap and smashup.

What is mental decay?

Noun. A progressive decline in cognitive function.

How do you describe decay?

1 : to break down or cause to break down slowly by natural processes Fruit decayed on the ground. Sugar decays teeth. 2 : to slowly worsen in condition The old theater decayed.

What is the best synonym for decay?

decay synonymsblight.corrosion.decomposition.deterioration.disintegration.disrepair.extinction.impairment.

What’s the opposite of multiply?

decrease, lessen, reduce, divide.

What is decay in psychology?

Decay is a type of forgetting that occurs when memories fade over time. This does NOT apply to Long Term Memory, but rather sensory storage and Short Term Memory.

What is the synonym of decay?

Some common synonyms of decay are decompose, putrefy, rot, and spoil. While all these words mean “to undergo destructive dissolution,” decay implies a slow change from a state of soundness or perfection.

What is another word for rotting?

What is another word for rotting?rottenderelictrundowncrumblingdecayingdisintegratingdecomposingshakycorrodedunsound34 more rows

What does rot stand for?

ROTAcronymDefinitionROTRedundant, Outdated, or Trivial (material on web pages; US EPA)ROTRecord Of TrialROTRemotely Operated ToolROTReceive Only Terminal45 more rows

What does decomposing mean?

1 : to break down or be broken down into simpler parts or substances especially by the action of living things (as bacteria and fungi) Leaves decomposed on the forest floor. 2 : to separate a substance into simpler compounds Water can be decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen. decompose. verb.

What is a refuse?

As a noun, refuse (pronounced REF-yooss) is food waste, scraps, or garbage. As a verb, refuse (pronounced ree-FYOOZ) means to reject. If you’re mad at me, you’ll probably refuse my invitation to hang out.

What are the decaying materials?

DECAYING MATERIALSfruit peelings.leaves.dead items…•Jun 30, 2017

Which word means to break down or to rot?

decomposeFrequently Asked Questions About decompose Some common synonyms of decompose are decay, putrefy, rot, and spoil. While all these words mean “to undergo destructive dissolution,” decompose stresses a breaking down by chemical change and when applied to organic matter a corruption.

Whats the opposite of decay?

decay(n) Antonyms: rise, growth, birth, increase, fertility, exuberance, luxuriance, prosperity. Synonyms: declension, waning, sinking, wasting, decrease, corruption, decadence, putrefaction, rottenness, dry rot, consumption, decline.

What word means not decayed?

Adjective. Not prone to decay or disintegration. incorruptible. imperishable. durable.

What is the scientific word for rotting?

decay. nounbreaking down, collapse. adulteration. atrophy. blight.