Quick Answer: Has A Movie Ever Made A Billion?

What is the richest movie franchise?

North America#FranchiseTotal gross1Marvel Cinematic Universe$8,525.32Star Wars$4,220.73Wizarding World$2,785.44Avengers$2,619.155 more rows.

McDonald’s United States of AmericaTop 100 Franchises 2021RankNameCountry1McDonald’sUnited States of America2KFCUnited States of America3Burger KingUnited States of America47-ElevenUnited States of America16 more rows

What is the biggest movie franchise?

Highest-grossing movie franchises#8. Jurassic Park. #8. … #7. X-Men. #7. … #6. Spider-Man. #6. … #5. Harry Potter. #5. … #4. Batman. #4. … #3. James Bond. #3. … #2. Star Wars. #2. … #1. Marvel Cinematic Universe. #1.More items…•Apr 27, 2021

What is the fastest movie ever made?

SuyamvaramGuinness Book of World Records The current record for the quickest movie made lies with the 1999 Tamil film Suyamvaram.

How long does a movie take to shoot?

between one and three monthsFor the average movie, the actual shooting of footage usually takes between one and three months. The time depends on the length of the script, but the going is slow. “One or two script pages will take a whole day to film,” says cinematographer Margaret Kurniawan.

Who is the highest-grossing actor of all time?

Samuel L. JacksonThe all-time highest-grossing actor in the United States and Canada is Samuel L. Jackson. The cumulative lifetime box office revenue of all movies in which he has had a starring role amounted to about 5.7 billion U.S. dollars as of February 2021, owing mostly to his role as Nick Fury in the Marvel film franchise.

What was the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time?

The Highest-Grossing Christmas Movies Of All Time, According To Box Office Mojo1 Dr.2 Home Alone (1990) – $476 million. … 3 Dr. … 4 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) – $358 million. … 5 A Christmas Carol (2009) – $325 million. … 6 The Polar Express (2004) – $314 million. … 7 Love Actually (2003) – $245 million. … More items…•Jan 26, 2021

What is the #1 grossing movie of all time?

AvatarTop Lifetime GrossesRankTitleYear1Avatar20092Avengers: Endgame20193Titanic19974Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens2015116 more rows

Do most movies lose money?

There’s no industry on the planet that loses money on 80% of its projects, but recoups it all on the remaining 20%, especially when they spend $25 million to upwards of $250 million on each (like filmmaking).

What is the highest-grossing Filipino movie of all time?

Three hundred million markYearTitleBox office2017Ang Panday₱379 million2013My Little Bossings₱375.9 million2019Alone/Together₱370 million2018Exes Baggage₱355.5 million13 more rows

What movies made over a billion dollars?

Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) 17% … Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) 33% … Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) … Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) … Alice in Wonderland (2010) … Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) … Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999) … The Lion King (2019)More items…

Who is the best actor in the world?

Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors in the World 2021Hugh Jackman. Huge Jackman, who is also renowned as wolverine is an Australian actor, producer, and singer. … Tom Cruise. Who doesn’t know Tom Cruise? … Chris Hemsworth. … Henry Cavill. … Chris Evans. … Vin Diesel. … Leonardo Dicaprio. … Robert Downey Jr.More items…•Apr 20, 2021

What is the longest Pixar movie to date?

The IncrediblesIt also featured 781 visual effects shots and, at 121 minutes, The Incredibles is the longest Pixar movie to date.

What movie franchise made the most money?

For this list of highest-grossing film franchises, CNBC worked Comscore to collect the global ticket sales.The Marvel Cinematic Universe — $22.59 billion.Star Wars — $10.2 billion. … The Wizarding World — $9.18 billion. … James Bond — $6.89 billion. … Spider-Man — $6.35 billion. … X-Men — $6.03 billion. … More items…•Jan 31, 2021

What was the first movie to make 100 million?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone had taken five days to pass the $100 million mark, as had 1999’s Stars Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. Spider-Man would go on to earn some $403.7 million domestically, more than any other comic book movie to that date.

Has a movie grossed 1 billion?

Titanic became, on March 1, 1998, the first movie to gross over $1 billion worldwide, in just 74 days of release.

How many movies made 1 billion?

47 moviesWithout adjusting for inflation, 47 movies have made $1 billion or more at the box office.

What is the most expensive movie ever made?

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesInsider rounded up the most expensive movies ever made. The “Avengers” movies, new “Star Wars” trilogy are among the priciest to produce. The most expensive movie made is 2011’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” which cost a reported $376.5 million after a tax credit.

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