Quick Answer: What Does Optionally Mean?

Is optionally a word?


Left to choice; not compulsory or automatic.

op′tion·al·ly adv.


Which countries are Occidental?

You can use the adjective occidental to describe the Western part of the world, as opposed to Asia and the Middle East. The United States is an occidental country.

What is another word for Occidental?

What is another word for occidental?westwesternwesterlywestwardlywestward

How do you spell optional?

Correct spelling for the English word “optional” is [ˈɒpʃənə͡l], [ˈɒpʃənə‍l], [ˈɒ_p_ʃ_ə_n_əl] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does being degraded mean?

To degrade is defined as to treat someone with disrespect, to lower someone’s rank, to make something not as good, or to break down or deteriorate. When you talk down to someone and insult him, this is an example of a time when you degrade the person.

How do you use optionally in a sentence?

Optionally sentence example to-do item, can be scheduled, and optionally , a completion deadline can be set. The Skalman 10 model may optionally be fitted with a terrace, and a sauna cabin.

How do you use optionally?

Use “optionally” in a sentence | “optionally” sentence examplesOptionally, select operators to be notified about the status of the job.Standard FTT 10 A transceiver and Optionally Power Line Transceiver.To optionally use static SQL when accessing the repository, use the bind command to create the database packages, as shown in Listing 2.More items…•Jul 29, 2019

What is another word for obligatory?

What is another word for obligatory?compulsorymandatoryenforceddemandedessentialrequisitestatutoryincumbentprescribedunavoidable31 more rows

Whats the difference between obligatory and mandatory?

is that obligatory is imposing obligation, morally or legally; binding while mandatory is obligatory; required or commanded by authority.

What’s the opposite of optional?

optional. Antonyms: essential, indispensable, inevitable, infallible, necessary, needed, needful, required, requisite, unavoidable, undeniable. Synonyms: casual, contingent, needless, non-essential, unnecessary, useless, worthless.

Does Please mean optional?

If a command begins or ends with the word please, does that make the order optional? The hosts agree that generally it’s polite to honor such a request, despite the phrasing. This is part of a complete episode.

What is called degradation?

Degradation is the act of lowering something or someone to a less respected state. A president resigning from office is a degradation. It’s also a downcast state. Once the president has resigned, he might feel degradation. The noun degradation is related to the verb degrade, which comes from the Latin degradare.

What does Occidental mean?

1 : of, relating to, or situated in the Occident : western. 2 : of or relating to Occidentals. Occidental. Definition of Occidental (Entry 2 of 2) : a member of one of the occidental peoples especially : a person of European ancestry.

Does obligatory mean necessary?

Imposing obligation, morally or legally; binding: an obligatory promise. Requiring a matter or obligation. The definition of obligatory is necessary, required or expected as a result of law or social custom.

What does Dégradé mean?

To degrade means to reduce the worth of something, as when smoke and pollution degrade the environment. The word can also mean to disrespect or insult: thoughtless comments can degrade a person. … Degrade is often used to mean to insult someone because of their gender or race. Degrade also means to break down.

What does obligatory mean?

binding in law1 : binding in law or conscience The ordinance made it obligatory that homeowners clear the snow from the sidewalks. 2 : relating to or enforcing an obligation a writ obligatory.

What does Degregation mean?

: the act or process of damaging or ruining something. : the act of treating someone or something poorly and without respect. See the full definition for degradation in the English Language Learners Dictionary. degradation.

What is the difference between Oriental and Occidental?

As adjectives the difference between oriental and occidental is that oriental is eastern, of the east, of or relating to the orient especially asiatic, but most commonly to the far east while occidental is of, pertaining to, or situated in, the occident, or west; western.

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