Quick Answer: What Does P Mean In Soccer?

What does S mean in soccer?

-Sh % = Shot Percentage By Athlete.

-SOG = Shots On Goal By Athlete.

-SOG % = Shots On Goal Percentage By Athlete.

“GOALKEEPER”: -GA = Goals Allowed By Athlete..

What does FA stand for?

AcronymDefinitionFAFree Agent (baseball, football, etc.; player who may sign with any team)FAFine ArtsFAFinancial AidFAFirma (German: company)143 more rows

What are 4 goals called in soccer?

haul4 goals is a haul, 5 goals is a glut, 6 goals is a double hat-trick, 7 goals is a haul-trick.

What does LW mean in soccer?

left wingLW – left wing. Similar to the left wing back, but usually with a primarily offensive task. In other words, an offensive wing midfielder.

Which team is topping La Liga?

LaLiga standingsGeneralTeamsGF1Atlético672Real Madrid673Barcelona8516 more rows

What does P G mean in soccer stats?

Printable PageSoccer Glossary of Statisticsback to topPlayer StatsGames Played (GP)Number of games played.Penalty Kick Goals (PG)Number of goals allowed on penalty kicks.Penalty Kick Attempts (PA)Number of penalty kicks attempted against the goalkeeper.Save Ratio (SR)Ratio of saves and goals Formula: Saves/GA38 more rows

What does PI mean in Premier League?

PI stands for Performance Index Suggest new definition.

What does CAM mean in soccer?

Central Attacking MidfielderA Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM) is that guy who operates between a team’s central midfield and its forwards.

Can 2 teams win the Premier League?

If two or more teams end up with same points in points table, then team having more Goal Difference i.e., Goals Scored minus Goals Against, wins the title. if Goal Differences are also same for those teams, then team having more Goals Scored would win the title.

Whats GF mean in soccer?

Goals ForF, GF – Goals For (sometimes used in place of GS). A, GA – Goals Against (i.e., number of goals conceded by a team).

What does Fl mean in soccer?

Fouls, Bookings, EjectionsFl, Bk, Ej: Fouls, Bookings, Ejections.

What happens if 3 teams have the same points Champions League?

The teams are ranked by points. Three points are awarded for a win, one point is awarded for a tie and no points are awarded for a loss. According to UEFA, if tied on points, the following tiebreaking criteria are applied: 1.

What is the D for in a football pitch?

The penalty arc (colloquially “the D”) is marked from the outside edge of the penalty area, 9.15 metres (10 yd) from the penalty mark; this, along with the penalty area, marks an exclusion zone for all players other than the penalty kicker and defending goalkeeper during a penalty kick.

What does LM mean in soccer?

Left MidfielderIn soccer, the abbreviation “LM” means Left Midfielder. The left midfielder(LM) is positioned on the left-hand side of the soccer field and has the responsibility of supporting both the defense and forward players any time the soccer ball is on the left side of the field.

What happens if 2 teams finish on the same points?

If any clubs finish with the same number of points, their position in the Premier League table is determined by goal difference, then the number of goals scored. If the teams still cannot be separated, they will be awarded the same position in the table.

What does G mean in football stats?

Games (G) The number of game a player has played at a given position. Games Started (GS)

What does TB mean in soccer?

Tackle BreaksDefinitions of TB shorthand is “Tackle Breaks”.

What is a soccer goal called?

Each structure usually consists of two vertical posts, called goal posts (or uprights) supporting a horizontal crossbar. A goal line marked on the playing surface between the goal posts demarcates the goal area.

Who owns the Premier League?

The Premier League is a private company wholly owned by its 20 Member Clubs who make up the League at any one time. Each individual club is independent, working within the rules of football, as defined by the Premier League, The FA, UEFA and FIFA, as well as being subject to English and European law.

What does P GD and PTS mean?

Amount of pointsGD= Goal difference (amount of goals team has scored, minus the amount of goals they have conceded) PTS/P= Amount of points.

What does F A mean in football?

F.A. Football Abbreviation0F.A.Football Association Sport, County, Association0F.A.The Football Association Soccer-1F.A.Final against downvoted Sport, League-1F.A.Final appearances downvoted Sport, League

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