Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Barbarism?

How do you explain barbarism?

British Dictionary definitions for barbarisma brutal, coarse, or ignorant act.the condition of being backward, coarse, or ignorant.a substandard or erroneously constructed or derived word or expression; solecism.any act or object that offends against accepted taste..

Which is the closest synonym for the word atrocity?

Synonyms & Antonyms of atrocityghastliness,grisliness,gruesomeness,hideousness,horridness,horror,monstrosity,repulsiveness.More items…

What is the opposite of barbaric?

Antonyms: civilized, courtly, cultured, delicate, elegant, graceful, humane, nice, polite, refined, tender, urbane. Synonyms: atrocious, barbarian, barbarous, brutal, cruel, inhuman, merciless, rude, savage, uncivilized, uncouth, untamed.

What is the antonym of barbarism?

What is the opposite of barbarism?cultivationgenteelnessrefinementtastefulnesscorrectiondecencydelicacypolitenesspropriety1 more row

What is the antonym of optional?

optional. Antonyms: essential, indispensable, inevitable, infallible, necessary, needed, needful, required, requisite, unavoidable, undeniable. Synonyms: casual, contingent, needless, non-essential, unnecessary, useless, worthless.

What is the opposite of an anomaly?

anomaly. Antonyms: conformity, regularity, illustration, conformance, exemplification, specimen. Synonyms: irregularity, abnormity, exception, informality, peculiarity, eccentricity.

Is polished a synonym of perfect?

In this page you can discover 91 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for polished, like: glossy, polite, shining, well-bred, burnished, elegant refined, tactful, downed, gleaming, perfected and elaborate.

Is polished an antonym of barbaric?

What is the opposite of barbaric?civilisedUKcivilizedUSsophisticatedurbanegentlenicenonbarbariclearnederuditepolished108 more rows

What’s the meaning of barbaric?

crude, uncivilizedWhat does barbaric mean? Barbaric means crude, uncivilized, or primitive. It’s often used to describe things that are cruel or brutal in a way that’s considered entirely uncivilized. Barbaric is also used to describe things that involve people considered barbarians—people who are extremely crude and uncivilized.

What is the synonym of savage?

Some common synonyms of savage are barbarous, cruel, ferocious, and fierce.

What is another word for polished?

What is another word for polished?glossygleamingburnishedlustrousslipperysmoothbuffedglassyshinylevel134 more rows

What is another word for civilized?

What is another word for civilized?suaveurbanecourteoussophisticatedculturedcivilgraciousdebonaircourtlygentlemanly134 more rows

What is the synonym of barbarism?

barbarism(n) Synonyms: savagery, savagism, outrage, brutality, atrocity, vulgarism, impropriety (of speech), solecism.

What is the synonym and antonym of strange?

strange. Synonyms: foreign, alien, exotic, unfamiliar, unusual, odd, irregular, abnormal, exceptional, surprising, wonderful, marvellous, astonishing, uncommon, peculiar. Antonyms: home, domestic, familiar, usual, ordinary, common, regular, customary, commonplace, unsurprising, universal, general.

What is an uncivilized person called?

barbarian Add to list Share. Barbarian is an insulting word for a person from an uncivilized culture or a person with no manners. Barbarians aren’t known for their etiquette. … If you pick up a whole turkey leg and start gnawing like an animal at the dinner table, the other guests might call you a barbarian.

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