Quick Answer: What Is The Synonym Of Decay?

What is an example of decay?

To decay is defined as to rot, lose strength or deteriorate.

An example of decay is when old fruit begins to rot.

An example of decay is when a neighborhood starts to become crime-ridden..

What word means not decayed?

Adjective. Not prone to decay or disintegration. incorruptible. imperishable. durable.

What is the opposite of multiply?

What is the opposite of multiply?decreasereducewanedeclinedropfallshrinkslumpabatesubside113 more rows

What is the old word for rotting?

What is another word for rotting?crumblingbadsepticperishingoldshabbydingyseedysmuttyblighted125 more rows

How do you calculate decay?

Exponential decay occurs when the amount of decrease is directly proportional to how much exists. Divide the final count by the initial count. For example, if you had 100 bacteria to start and 2 hours later had 80 bacteria, you would divide 80 by 100 to get 0.8.

What are the decaying materials?

DECAYING MATERIALSfruit peelings.leaves.dead bodies.paper.food.textile.wood.vegetables.More items…•Jun 30, 2017

What is the best synonym for decay?

decay synonymsblight.corrosion.decomposition.deterioration.disintegration.disrepair.extinction.impairment.

What is the synonym and antonym of Decay?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms decay(v) Antonyms: rise, grow, increase, flourish, luxuriate, vegetate, expand, enlarge. Synonyms: decline, wane, sink, dwindle, rot, wither, perish, waste, ebb, decrease.

What is decay mean?

decay, decompose, rot, putrefy, spoil mean to undergo destructive dissolution. decay implies a slow change from a state of soundness or perfection.

What is a word for to rot or decay?

Frequently Asked Questions About decay Some common synonyms of decay are decompose, putrefy, rot, and spoil. While all these words mean “to undergo destructive dissolution,” decay implies a slow change from a state of soundness or perfection.

What is the scientific word for rotting?

decay. nounbreaking down, collapse. adulteration. atrophy. blight.

What is the scientific term for rotting?

Definitions of rotting. noun. (biology) the process of decay caused by bacterial or fungal action. synonyms: decomposition, putrefaction, rot.

What does the word noticeably mean?

1. Evident; observable: noticeable changes in temperature. 2. Worthy of notice; significant: a noticeable change in the composer’s style.

Will decay meaning?

To decay means to rot, decompose, break down. Our bodies—anything organic—will decay after death. Broken sidewalks, potholes, graffiti are all signs of urban decay. Tooth decay is something to avoid. Decay can also mean decline.

What is decay time?

What Is Time Decay? Time decay is a measure of the rate of decline in the value of an options contract due to the passage of time. Time decay accelerates as an option’s time to expiration draws closer since there’s less time to realize a profit from the trade.

What is mental decay?

Noun. A progressive decline in cognitive function.

What is decay in music?

Decay is the time taken for the subsequent run down from the attack level to the designated sustain level. Sustain is the level during the main sequence of the sound’s duration, until the key is released. Release is the time taken for the level to decay from the sustain level to zero after the key is released.

What is the decay constant?

Definition. The decay constant (symbol: λ and units: s−1 or a−1) of a radioactive nuclide is its probability of decay per unit time. The number of parent nuclides P therefore decreases with time t as dP/P dt = −λ. The energies involved in the binding of protons and neutrons by the nuclear forces are ca.

What is the antonym for decay?

What is the opposite of decay?improvementcomebackrallyrecoveryrecuperationrehabilitationrevitalizationsnapbackgrowthascent45 more rows