Quick Answer: Which Word Has A Positive Connotation?

Which words have positive connotations Brainly?

The words with positive connotation would be luxurious, elegant and fashionable.

(there words represent a good sense of style of the described object/person)..

Is interesting a positive connotation?

By its own definition, interesting means arousing curiosity or interest. The phrase is positive, and its meaning is not the same as “it’s good/nice.” It is as appropriate a response as “good/nice.” … Actually, any positive phrase used as sarcasm is negative.

What are connotative verbs?

Connotation refers to the emotional implications and associations that a word may carry, in contrast to its denotative (or literal) meanings. Verb: connote. Adjective: connotative. Also called intension or sense. The connotation of a word can be positive, negative, or neutral.

What is a connotative sentence?

Connotation is an idea or feeling that a word evokes. … If something has a positive connotation, it will evoke warm feelings. Meanwhile, something with a negative connotation will make someone feel less than pleasant.

What does slender mean in slang?

As applied to the human body, slender implies a generally attractive and pleasing thinness: slender hands. Slight often adds the idea of frailness to that of thinness: a slight, almost fragile, figure. Slim implies a lithe or delicate thinness: a slim and athletic figure.

What words are connotative?

Connotative Words: ExamplesPositive ConnotationNeutral ConnotationNegative Connotationthriftysavingstingysteadfasttenaciousstubbornsatedfilledcrammedcourageousconfidentconceited6 more rows

Is grin a positive word?

However, grin can have a negative connotation. It’s sometimes used in place of “smirk,” which is an offensive smile. … A smile is always supposed to be a positive thing, but a grin is often ambiguous. You can have a “warm smile” on your face, but ever heard of a “warm grin”???

What can I say instead of interesting?

10 Words To Use Instead Of “Interesting”riveting.quirky.provocative.enthralling.bewitching.

Which has the most positive connotation?

Answer: The one with the most positive connotation is indeed number 2. informed.

How do you use the word connotation in a sentence?

Connotation sentence exampleThe word can have a different connotation in different contexts. … No negative connotation was intended by using the word “short.” … To avoid the connotation of correctness, I would use the word principles rather than rules. … Typically, the word “home” has a positive and warm connotation .More items…

Which words in the sentence help readers determine the meaning of the word undefiled?

If the sentence is the following : “I have studiously endeavoured to collect examples and authorities from the writers before the restoration, whose works I regard as the wells of English undefiled, as the pure sources of genuine diction.”, then the words that help readers determine the meaning of the word undefiled …

Which word has a negative connotation clever?

clever astuteclever. astute.

How do you use denotation in a sentence?

Denotation sentence example The word “dentist” has the denotation “man or woman who fixes teeth.” The denotation of a word translates the word to its literal meaning.

How do you use slim in a sentence?

Slim sentence exampleHis hips were slim , his long legs shapely. … Slim ankles and lean upper thighs gave her the look of a model. … His fingers were long and slim , his palms round. … The chances were slim that anyone would have come along the road to help her. … He looked slim and sheik in gray slacks.More items…

How do you use the word interesting?

“We had an interesting conversation.” “The scientists made an interesting discovery.” “Skydiving was an interesting experience.” “There are many interesting people in the world.”

What does WOW mean in texting?

WOW. Words Of Wonder. Internet Slang, Gaming, Business. Internet Slang, Gaming, Business. 1.

Is Slim a positive connotation?

Slim and Skinny both relate to being thin in size. However, slim has a positive connotation while skinny has a negative connotation.

How is Johnson approach innovative?

How is Johnson’s approach innovative? He defines literary and poetic terms. He studies the diction of everyday speech. He relies on the credibility of established authors.

What is connotation example?

Connotation is the use of a word to suggest a different association than its literal meaning, which is known as denotation. For example, blue is a color, but it is also a word used to describe a feeling of sadness, as in: “She’s feeling blue.” Connotations can be either positive, negative, or neutral.

How do you use the word condolences in a sentence?

Condolences sentence exampleHe expressed condolences to all those affected by the bombing. … We convey our sincerest condolences to their family, friends and community. … My sincerest condolences to you and your family. … Please accept our condolences on the passing of your brother.More items…

Is Connotates a word?

1a : to convey in addition to exact explicit meaning all the misery that poverty connotes For her, the word “family” connotes love and comfort.