Quick Answer: Who Is Leaving Breakfast TV?

How old is Louise BBC Breakfast?

52 years (September 8, 1968)Louise Minchin/Age.

Who is leaving BBC Breakfast Show?

host Louise MinchinBBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin has announced she is leaving the show after 20 years. Making the announcement live on air she said she would no longer be setting her alarm for before 4am. “There’s something I wanted to tell you about.

Why is Louise leaving BBC Breakfast Show?

Louise Minchin has confirmed that she is leaving BBC Breakfast to enjoy a lie-in after 20 years on the show. The TV presenter made the shock announcement live on air telling viewers that it was “time to stop the early morning alarm”.

Is Louise Minchin leaving breakfast?

Louise Minchin has announced she is leaving BBC Breakfast after nearly 20 years. … She said: “I have absolutely loved being part of the six million-strong BBC Breakfast family but after nearly two decades presenting the programme, I have decided it is time I stopped setting my alarm for 3.40 in the morning.

Who will replace Louise Minchin?

When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Your information will be used in accordance with ourPrivacy Notice. Piers Morgan could be replacing Louise Minchin on BBC Breakfast, after her departure from the show.

Where is Louise Minchin today?

Louise Mary Minchin (née Grayson) (born 8 September 1968) is a British journalist and news presenter who currently works freelance within the BBC.

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