What’S Barbaric Mean?

What does ferocious mean in English?

1 : exhibiting or given to extreme fierceness and unrestrained violence and brutality a ferocious predator the ferocious butchery of women and children..

What is another word for a cruel person?

What is another word for cruel person?meanievillaindevilscampbullycaitiffrapscallionrascalsavagescallywag225 more rows

What does it mean to be cruel to be kind?

To be “cruel to be kind” is to cause someone pain for his or her own good. The phrase is used by Hamlet after he has berated his mother for her infidelity to the memory of her deceased husband.

What is the difference between barbaric and barbarous?

Both barbaric and barbarous were in English by the 16th century. Barbaric was used with the meaning “foreign, strange, outlandish,” Barbarous first meant what the Romans meant by it, “not Greek or Latin,” but it soon came to mean “uncultured, savage,” and by the 1580s had taken on the sense of “savagely cruel.”

What does vigilant mean?

watchful, vigilant, wide-awake, alert mean being on the lookout especially for danger or opportunity. watchful is the least explicit term. the watchful eye of the department supervisor vigilant suggests intense, unremitting, wary watchfulness.

What is a barbaric person?

If you describe someone’s behavior as barbaric, you strongly disapprove of it because you think that it is extremely cruel or uncivilized. [disapproval] This barbaric treatment of animals has no place in any decent society. Synonyms: brutal, fierce, cruel, savage More Synonyms of barbaric.

What does the word barbaric means?

adjective. without civilizing influences; uncivilized; primitive: barbaric invaders. of, like, or befitting barbarians: a barbaric empire; barbaric practices. crudely rich or splendid: barbaric decorations.

What is another word for barbaric?

In this page you can discover 72 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for barbaric, like: uncivilized, primitive, wild, uncultured, crude, brutal, tramontane, procrustean, ill-bred, uncouth and misinstructed.

What is the mean of cruel?

1 : disposed to inflict pain or suffering : devoid of humane feelings a cruel tyrant has a cruel heart. 2a : causing or conducive to injury, grief, or pain a cruel joke a cruel twist of fate.

How do you use the word barbaric?

Barbaric in a Sentence 🔉Because the barbaric moviegoer shouted and threw popcorn at other guests, he was asked to leave. … He did not have many friends because he treated others with a barbaric disdain. … Not wanting to seem barbaric, I tried to keep my polite attitude when asking uninvited guests to leave my home.More items…

How do you say someone is cruel?

Synonymsmonster. noun. someone who is very cruel.savage. noun. someone who is cruel and violent.ogre. noun. a cruel and frightening person.sadist. noun. someone who gets pleasure from hurting or being cruel to someone else.brute. noun. a strong man who acts in a cruel or violent way.psycho. noun. … animal. noun. … despot. noun.More items…

What makes a man barbarous?

Barbarous can describe a terrible, savage act, like mass murder or torture, but it can also describe people who are uncultured. It sounds better if you say it in a British accent. If a tribe of people who knew nothing about the modern world were discovered, they would be considered barbarous.

What is the meaning of hordes?

1a : a political subdivision of central Asian nomads. b : a people or tribe of nomadic life. 2 : a large unorganized group of individuals : a teeming crowd or throng hordes of peasants.

What’s the opposite of barbaric?

What is the opposite of barbaric?civilisedUKcivilizedUSgentlemanlygracioushumanerefinedsophisticatedurbanegentlenice108 more rows

What is the meaning of remorseless?

very cruel and showing no pity or sympathyEnglish Language Learners Definition of remorseless : very cruel and showing no pity or sympathy for other people. : continuing in a way that does not end or that seems impossible to stop.

Which word is similar to ultimatum?

What is another word for ultimatum?demandrequisitionpleaorderappealcallwishimplorationentreatydesire95 more rows

What do barbarously mean?

adjective. uncivilized; wild; savage; crude. savagely cruel or harsh: The prisoners of war were given barbarous treatment. full of harsh sounds; noisy; discordant: an evening of wild and barbarous music.

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